Based on the German RPG Engel published by Feder & Schwert, this campaign page will be a hub for my efforts to (1) translate the game books from German to English, (2) adapt the mechanics to my own homebrew system, Scintilla, and finally (3) run a campaign in this amazing world.



Libellum Primus — phase 1 complete; phase 2 in progress
Libellum Secundus
Ordensbuch: Michaeliten
Ordensbuch: Gabrieliten
Ordensbuch: Raphaeliten
Ordensbuch: Urieliten
Ordensbuch: Ramieliten
Potestates Devines
Mater Ecclesia
De Bello Britannico
Codex Urbanis
Historia Apocalyptica
Himmel ├╝ber Aachen


New Mechanics

Sanctus Sanguinem

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